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Baby Farm Bunny

With nearly 25,000 farms and 4.7 million acres of farmland, South Carolina is driven by agriculture. Agribusiness (agriculture + forestry) is the state’s No. 1 industry, accounting for 246,957 jobs and $46.2 billion in annual economic impact. (source)

These are only the registered farms! With the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020, many families realized how important it is to have access to food to feed their families when grocery stores and restaurants are forced to close. Everyday Americans have started farming in their own backyards- regardless if they own 1/10th of an acre or hundreds. The formation of mini farms, backyard homesteads and people reverting back to old skills of self sufficiency have skyrocketed!

Getting in front of these customers with targeted marketing as well as a physical presence at the event, will harness connections that wouldn't otherwise be possible. We are so excited to get this community together and share in our knowledge, resources and friendship!

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