Homesteading, a lifestyle of self-sufficiency characterized by agriculture and food preservation, has increased significantly during the pandemic and not just with rural landowners. Homesteading is being practiced, in many cases, in the middle of major cities.


Experts attribute homesteading’s growing popularity during the pandemic to stay-at-home orders, social distancing guidelines, and food shortages. People were staying home to avoid getting COVID-19 and to “flatten the curve.” This resulted in early panic-buying for many foods and non-food products, such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies. In April, when the first lockdowns occurred in US, Google searches for “how to grow vegetables” hit record highs.


With the grow-your-own mentality growing in popularity, not everyone knows where to even get started in transitioning to such a lifestyle. How do we help the onslaught of first generation farmers and those people trying to get back to more self-sufficient roots?


Would a large outbreak cause people to consider a homesteading lifestyle? Or will they simply engage in the panic, become temporary preppers, and once danger has passed, go through their stash of toilet paper and ramen noodles without considering the next crisis?


We want to get the lifetime farmers together with the green new homesteaders of our generation. Let’s build a community out of a desire to get back to our roots in the way we live and supply what we need for ourselves and our families. We can thrive together and heal our land and bodies with real foods that we cultivated ourselves.


Farm Where You live was born from the belief that you can homestead anywhere- regardless if you have a tenth of an acre or hundreds. Join our community as we grow and we will see how supplying our own basic needs will change the industry and the world as we know it.


WE ARE hobby farmers, small farmers, homesteaders, backyard gardeners, berry pickers, mushroom foragers, bee keepers, brewers, hunters, fishers, permaculturists, animal keepers, DIY crafters, nature enthusiasts, conservationists, AND MORE! We are excited to have you.